Summerville & Nexton


Summerville is a town northwest of Charleston, South Carolina. It is part of the Charleston, North-Charleston, Summerville Metropolitan Area. Summerville is famous for its azaleas hosting the Flowertown Festival each year and is known as the birthplace of Sweet Tea. The town has several locations that are part of the National Register of Historic Places, including Middleton Place and the Summerville Historic District.

Unlike Charleston, James Island, and Johns Island which are known for old oak trees, Summerville is in a pine forest. Summerville’s Historic District has a wide variety of homes, some of which date back to the 1830s. Summerville is a 30 minute drive from downtown Charleston and has a vibrant downtown area. The town is growing rapidly with affordable homes and new communities being built every year.

Simply Green Landscaping offers full service commercial landscaping in Summerville and will develop a plan that meets the needs and budget of any business.

Simply Green Landscaping provides expertise at full service landscaping and keeps flower beds edged and weeded as well as controlling lawn weeds. Comprehensive lawn maintenance plans on a regular maintenance schedule will keep your flower beds and lawn looking great all year.

Nexton is one of the newest and largest communities in Summerville. Nexton is a planned community with homes and townhouses, restaurants, and shops that are all connected by trails and parks.

Simply Green Landscaping offers residential and commercial landscaping packages for residents and businesses in Nexton. Regular mowing, trimming, and edging as well as lawn treatments and weeding will keep your new home or storefront looking beautiful.


Simply Green Landscaping provides expert landscaping services to residents and business owners. Our professional staff will create a residential or commercial landscape maintenance plan for you in Summerville and Nexton so that your lawn will be perfectly maintained all year long.

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Ready to Get Started?